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 Monadnock Speedway
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Special notice to competitors who are in divisions that is mandatory to have a AMB/MYLAPS transponder...The transponder technician requests that all transponders be charged and mounted during the practice sessions.  Last year we had issues with competitors not putting their transponders in for practice and then having problems with the transponder during the heats/features.  If the competitor has the transponder in and working during practice we will know if there are any issues with the transponder prior to the heats/features.  Competitors who do not follow this simple request to have a working transponder mounted in during practice will first get a warning. The second time the competitor will start in the rear of the field for the heats, the third time the competitor will start last in the feature. If after the third time a competitor has not followed the request, the competitor will not be scored for that event!  We appreciate your cooperation this will ensure that the scoring is properly done through the AMB system.


Monadnock Speedway and Town Fair Tires have partnered up to offer the Young Gun competitors a discount for the new Young Gun tire.  The speedway management has decided, with guidance from Town Fair Tire, on a tire that is very comparable to the Bridgestone Fuzions which were the original track tire when the division started and was favored by the Young Gun teams. The Sumitomo Doral 195/60 HR14 and 195/65 HR15 is the official track tire for the Young Guns and will only be the tire allowed (competitors who have old Cooper Starfires from 2013 that are still in good condition may use them up to the May 31, 2014 event).  The Sumitomo Doral tire is available at all Town Fair Tire locations at a discounted price of $65 each.  When purchasing tires, tell the associate that they are discounted under Young Guns for the discounted price.   PLEASE NOTE: THE YOUNG GUN TIRE PROGRAM WILL BE ACTIVATED ON TUESDAY (APRIL 1ST) AT ALL TOWN FAIR TIRE LOCATIONS. MONADNOCK SPEEDWAY AND TOWN FAIR TIRE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE REGARDING THE ACTIVATION PROCESS OF THIS NEW PROGRAM.



The management of Monadnock Speedway has announced that the track will be holding Wednesday practice sessions starting in May.  The fee for practice is $50 per car and $20 pit fee for each driver and crewmembers.  The hours will be from Noon - 7pm (or dusk, whichever is earlier).  This practice session is open to all competitors (including touring and competitors from other tracks). The minimum to hold a practice session will be ten teams, therefore teams will have to pre-register. 


The speedway office has received the 2014 NASCAR license applications.  All divisions must hold a NASCAR license (except for the Young Guns).  The Sportsman Modified division competitor and car owner must hold a Feature Division license.  All other divisions are considered charger divisions. If you would like an application sent to you, please email us with your address. If you were a licensed member in 2013 and are not upgrading from a Charger license to a Feature Division license, you can renew online at www.nascarmembers.com. The speedway management will also be available to process licenses at the Frank Maratta Show or on the first day of practice. 


The 2014 Race Rules are now available on the Rules page.  The tech team and management worked  hard and went through the rules in each division to ensure equal competition with minimal changes.

The management of Monadnock Speedway is pleased to announce that we will have a full staff of technical officials in 2014.  Bryon Baker, an experienced tech official, will be joining the existing tech team of Red Landry and Nick Dragon. Ray King who helped out on a few race events in 2013 will also be Full Time in 2014.

In 2014, the competitors in all divisions will see a change in the technical procedures. The rules will be enforced to ensure that every competitor is competing on the same set of rules that have been written with no exceptions!

If competitors do have any questions regarding the 2014 rules, please email the speedway and we will forward it to the tech team.

The 2014 Registration rules are also available on the Rules page.  If you are a new competitor or a competitor who has raced less than 3/4 of the season last year, please email us your request for a car number and forward a completed registration form to the speedway's office.  NASCAR license applications will be available in late February. If you held a NASCAR license in 2013, you can renew your license online at www.nascarmembers.com.












Renew your NASCAR License by using the link below...

Monadnock Speedway and Town Fair Tire partners up to supply Young Gun Tires at a discounted rate...more

Attention Lightning Stocks and Thunder stocks...please email the office if you need to order a one way radio. We will be placing an order by the end of March.

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Final MuddBog Series Results & Points...more

Do you have an AMB/My Laps transponder and have retired from racing? Email the speedway! We have competitors looking to purchase used ones!

Visit your local Bond Auto Part store & Sign up for Bond Auto rewards...


Official Tire Supplier of the Young Guns...


Official Race Fuels...


Race Videos Available by calling Yurko Video Productions @ 860-651-8183


Photos available by calling Gary Dutton @ 603-863-9205.

For More Information in Competing at Monadnock Speedway, call 603-239-4067


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